Video Demo

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Adobe partnered with well known brands to host a 48 hour app design competition for students. In May I participated in the Adobe Creative Jam x Activision.

The Task
Create a proficiency-focused app experience to inform new gamers about video games based on age-appropriateness and skills such as read-ing, hand-eye coordination, fitness, personal account-ability, multi-tasking, problem-solving, memory, attention, concentration, social skills and more. 
The Insight
An innovative new app that connects beginning gamers with everything they need to dive into the world of gaming. Designed to reach adults, the retro feel of Arcadium is modeled after 1980s Activision favorites like Pitfall! and Starmaster. The vintage purples and yellows and 8-bit icons are warm reminders of early gaming platforms.
The Idea
Arcadium is here to help overcome the barriers to entry in gaming for adults with an easily navigable mobile experience. Don’t know where to start? Arcadium helps new gamers explore the world of gaming without intimidation.
Behind The Design
Find games recommended for you by taking a quiz in the Game tab. Log in with with social media or your email to connect with a community of other new gamers. Explore the Learn tab to take a deep dive into the stories behind games and characters. Engage with the app, level up your profile, and unlock new content.
Spencer Law and Kendall Herlica

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